Forklift Accidents

Material handling equipment such as forklifts, Pallet lifts, ride behind lifts conveyors, scissor lifts, etc. it seems are everywhere. We see them in warehouse stores, furniture stores, big box stores, lumber and supply yards, and on construction sites. To the untrained eye, some of these look like simple devices that anyone could operate. The truth however is that they are sophisticated and dangerous pieces of equipment that should be operated by only trained and certified individuals.

Forklift accidents

Very serious injury and death can occur when these pieces of industrial equipment are operated by untrained and careless individuals. Injury can occur due to operator error, but can also occur due to the negligence of the operator of the facility at which the equipment is being used. As well, defects in the design or manufacture of the devices can cause or contribute to accidents and serious injury.

Our attorneys have represented many individuals and families of those suffering injury or death resulting from the use of material handling equipment. We are experienced in navigating the many regulations and standards the apply to equipment and situations in which equipment is used, including OSHA Standards, ANSI Standards, and ASTM Standards. We look beyond just the conduct of the operator and investigate potential product defect claims, negligent training and supervision claims, and construction/workplace practice claims.

If you or one close to you has suffered injury or harm as a result of your use of or another’s use of material handling equipment, please call for a free consultation. We stand ready to help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and everything else available to restore your quality of life. For examples of our success in representing individuals involved in forklift accidents click here.

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