Forklift Accidents

$3 Million Settlement - Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas

Gerald Baldino Jr. of Media, PA’s Sacchetta & Baldino represented Gaulberto “Tito” Rivas-Reyes after he suffered complete fractures of multiple bones in his leg as a result of a forklift collision. The settlement was reached the day prior to jury selection in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Tito’s accident involved two forklifts in a section of a warehouse operated by Crescent Park Corp. known as the K-Dock area. It was alleged that Crescent Park’s employee failed to follow company policies regarding the operation of his fork lift and further that Crescent had failed to properly demarcate fork lift travel lanes within their facility. Tito was working at the facility as a temporary worker through a staffing service. Another worker, employed by Crescent, was traveling with his forks leading and elevated, in violation of company policies. The forks entered the operator’s compartment of Tito’s lift and struck him below the knee causing his injuries.

The settlement will not only compensate Tito for his past and future pain and suffering, it will also fill the gap suffered as a result of his inability to return to full duty employment. With this settlement, Tito will be able to continue supporting his fiance and their 4-year old son.

Jury verdict $971,000.00 - Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas

Jury verdict $971,000.00 in a product liability case involving a construction accident. A lawsuit was filed against the manufacturer of a seven-ton roller which crushed the leg of a worker. After eight days of trial, the jury concluded that the product was defectively designed. The money recovered allowed our client to undergo vocational training so he could return to the work force.

$850,000.00 settlement - Montgomery County, PA

A union carpenter who was injured on the job reached settlement with the heating and air conditioning subcontractor whose employee allegedly struck the plaintiff with a forklift.

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