Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury has described by the Centers for Disease Control as a “silent epidemic”. Brain injuries can result in direct trauma to the head, or from the application of forces that cause the head to move back and forth or side-by-side in a violent fashion.

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Frequently, individuals who suffer traumatic brain injury go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Many of these injuries cannot be seen on traditional diagnostic studies, such as MRIs or CT scans. Oftentimes, a diagnosis has to be made in a clinical setting or based upon some advanced form of testing. The first step is to recognize the signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury. They may include things such as confusion, disorientation, short-term memory loss, ringing in the ears, light or sound sensitivity, generalized malaise, loss of interest and personality changes. Sometimes these symptoms are subtle. The fact that the symptoms are subtle does not, however, mean that these are not very serious and life-altering injuries.

At Sacchetta & Baldino, we have vast experience dealing with traumatic brain injury. Whether the injury is one that is severe resulting from a fractured skull or brain hemorrhage, or one that is more mild resulting from concussion or repetitive concussion, it takes an experienced attorney to handle the case. We work closely with experts in the field of neurology, neuropsychology, neurosurgery, life care planning and vocational speciality to develop a case which can be understood by the insurance adjuster to negotiate on behalf of the negligent party, or the jury called upon to render a verdict.

If a family member has suffered a traumatic brain injury and you suspect that that injury resulted from the negligence or carelessness of someone else, please call right away. We stand ready to help you recover the compensation, recover medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, everything available to restore quality of life. For examples of our success in representing individuals suffering from a brain injury click here.

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