Product Defect Liability

Every year, thousands of people suffer significant injuries or death as a result of exposure to defective products. Under the law, product manufacturers are sellers, and sellers are not only liable for their negligence in manufacturing, designing, and marketing products, but are also seen to be the guarantors of the safety of their products under a theory of strict products liability.

product defect

According to product defect liability law, product manufacturers and sellers are responsible for defective design of a product, defects in the manufacturing process, and defects resulting from failure to warn of a product’s dangerous propensities.

Our attorneys have handled numerous cases involving defective or negligently designed motor vehicles, household products, machinery, industrial equipment, food products, and pharmaceuticals.

Individuals injured or killed as a result of defective products are entitled to recover both economic and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, lost wages, medical expenses, and in some cases, punitive damages.

For examples of our success in representing individuals injured as the result of defective or negligently designed or manufactured products click here.

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