Sexual Assault & Abuse

Sexual assault, abuse, rape and molestation are serious offenses which often leave a victim with long-term psychological and physical consequences. Unfortunately, this form of abuse occurs frequently in workplaces, churches, schools and private homes. The victims of sexual abuse are often embarrassed and afraid to confront the perpetrator. Representation by attorneys familiar with this type of case, who have understanding and compassion for the victim, is critical.

sexual assault and abuse

At Sacchetta & Baldino, we have handled numerous cases involving sexual assault and abuse and have aligned ourselves with a team of experts in the fields of educational and school law, institutional law and practice, psychiatry and psychology, workplace practices and other fields of specialization, to help us not only to develop and pursue claims for monetary damages, but to help our clients to find the resources and support needed to deal with the consequences of abuse.

While the criminal courts can pursue remedies which result in incarceration or punishment of the perpetrator, the criminal court system is not responsible for pursuing claims for monetary damages, which may include claims against a perpetrator’s employers, supervisors or, generally, the businesses or institutions for which they work. In order to receive financial compensation which is much needed to provide for future care and therapy, a victim of abuse must retain a qualified and experienced attorney.

If you, a family member or friend has been a victim of sexual abuse, assault, rape or some other sex crime, please feel free to contact us to discuss your civil remedies.

For examples of our success in representing victims of sexual abuse click here.

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