Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often not treated with the same degree of care and respect as those operating vehicles on the roadway. While many times motor vehicle accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist, witnesses, investigating police officers and, unfortunately, judges and juries, frequently assume that the motorcyclist must have been doing something wrong. For this reason, it is critical that an attorney gathers all of the facts and evidence immediately following the collision. Independent witnesses’ memories can fade. Surveillance video can disappear. Physical evidence on the roadway fades over time.

motorcycle accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you hire an attorney with experience in handling these types of cases. Our attorneys have represented many individuals involved in motor vehicle/motorcycle accidents.

Our attorneys understand the rights of motorcyclists and are committed to investing the time and resources to develop your injury case so as to ensure the best case possible is presented to an insurance company in settlement discussions, or to a judge or jury should the case proceed to trial. We are seasoned trial lawyers with proven results in the courtroom.

If you are involved in an accident on a motorcycle, ATV, off-road vehicle or any type of vehicle, please call, we can help. For examples of our success in representing individuals involved in a motorcycle accident click here.

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